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Debian: DSA-3999-1: wpa security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Mathy Vanhoef of the imec-DistriNet research group of KU Leuven discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the WPA protocol, used for authentication in wireless networks. Those vulnerabilities applies to both the access point (implemente… Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-3999-1: wpa security update


HPE Discover

Rackspace will be at this year’s HPE Discover in Madrid   Join thousands of IT professionals from around the world for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s largest IT event of the year which will cover a range of topics needed to accelerate change in your organization. Continue Reading...


Kernel prepatch 4.14-rc5

The 4.14-rc5 kernel prepatch is out. “We’ve certainly had smaller rc5’s, but we’ve had bigger ones too, and this week finally felt fairly normal in a release that has up until now felt a bit messier than it perhaps should have been. So assuming… Continue...


Bottomley: Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with TPM2

James Bottomley describes the use of the trusted platform module with elliptic-curve cryptography, with a substantial digression into how the elliptic-curve algorithm itself works. “The initial attraction is the same as for RSA keys: making it impossible to extract your private key from the system. However,...


Do You Plan to Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10? [Poll]

Chances are you’ve some ideas if you will upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 when it’s release this coming Thursday, so share your intentions with us in this poll. This post, Do You Plan to Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10? [Poll], was written by Joey Sneddon and first ap… ...


Please get to testing Artful RCs (20171015)

Adam Conrad, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team, has spun up a set of images for everyone with serial 20171015. Those images are *not* final images (ISO volid and base-files are still not set to their final values), intentionally, as we had some hiccups with langpack...


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