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How Classical Cryptography Will Survive Quantum Computers

LinuxSecurity.com: Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, certainly raised the profile of quantum computing a few notches last year, when he gamely-if vaguely1-described it for a press conference. But we’ve heard a lot about quantum computers in … Continue Reading — How Classical Cryptography Will...


2017 Chef Project Year in Review

The Chef project has had an incredibly busy 2017 – and thank you all for your help and support! Our Community On GitHub, we’ve seen 3,733 Pull Requests, from 618 people. More than 50% of those Pull Requests were from non-Chef employees, which continues to amaze...


Ubuntu is More Popular than the Amazon Echo

Ubuntu was more popular than Britney Spears, Linux Mint, and the Amazon Echo in 2017 according to the number of searches made using Google. This post, Ubuntu is More Popular than the Amazon Echo, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue...


ChefConf 2018 CFP: Chaos Engineering

Chaos Happens! We are building and operating larger, more complex systems which leads to systems that degrade and fail in new and unexpected ways. We must learn to observe, respond to, and learn from these failures. The chaos engineering track at ChefConf is the place to...


2018 Security Predictions – Double Up on Linux Attacks

LinuxSecurity.com: With IoT botnets added to their roadmap, the hackers are now looking to supercharge it by exploiting Linux. Many IoT devices use inexpensive embedded Linux systems, which are notorious for having insecure defaults. By creating just a… Continue Reading — 2018 Security Predictions –...


Introduction to GPG Encryption and git-crypt

LinuxSecurity.com: While Open Source prides itself on open transparency, there are certain things that must be kept secret like team credentials or personal information. GNU’s OpenPGP (GPG) encryption tool set coupled with git-crypt can be invaluable … Continue Reading — Introduction to GPG Encryption and...


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