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Improvements for Windows and InSpec

We are proud to announce some major improvements recently implemented in InSpec. Jerry Aldrich and I, two members of Chef’s InSpec Engineering team, have added two features which considerably improve performance when used with the Windows platform. Backend Caching Improvements First, we have added backend caching...


Linux Release Roundup: Wine, Soundnode, Etcher + More

The Linux Release Roundup of 2018 includes updates to Windows app compatibility layer WINE, the Etcher USB writer, the desktop Soundcloud app Soundnode, and more. This post, Linux Release Roundup: Wine, Soundnode, Etcher + More, was written by Joey Sne… Continue Reading — Linux Release...


Kernel prepatch 4.15-rc7

Linus has released the 4.15-rc7 kernel prepatch. “Ok, we had an interesting week, and by now everybody knows why we were merging all those odd x86 page table isolation patches without following all of the normal release timing rules. But rc7 i… Continue Reading —...


Fedora 27: dracut Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: Adds support for early microcode for **AMD CPUs family >= 0x17**. Note: Intel CPU support is fine. To add the microcode to all your initramfs images: “` # dracut –regenerate-all –force “` To only add it to the current kernel version: “` # dracut –force...


Debian: DSA-4079-1: poppler security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in the poppler PDF rendering library, which could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed PDF file is processed. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4079-1: poppler security update


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