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Git v2.16.0

Git v2.16.0 is now available. “It is comprised of 509 non-merge commits since v2.15.0, contributed by 91 people, 26 of which are new faces.” The release notes are included in the link below. Continue Reading — Git v2.16.0


BlazingText implementation now available for scaling and accelerating Word2Vec Algorithm in Amazon SageMaker

You can now use Amazon SageMaker’s BlazingText implementation of the Word2Vec algorithm to generate word embeddings from a large number of documents. Word embeddings represent each unique word in the entire collection of text documents as a vector of numbers. Words that are similar will have...


Wine 3.0 released

Version 3.0 of the Wine Windows emulation layer has been released. “This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000 individual changes.” Most of the improvements seem to be around Direct3D graphics, but it also now possible… Continue Reading — Wine 3.0 released


Chef Open Source Community News – January 2018

Chef has always been built atop a very strong open-source community. However, we’ve heard from many of you that it’s hard to find news about new features being developed in our open-source projects. Thus, we are starting 2018 off by trying something new, which is to...


GNOME Photos App Gains Improved Editing Tools

The next stable release of GNOME Photos includes a number of core improvements, including new photo editing features. As a Shotwell alternative Photos is …Well, it’s getting there. It handles the basics well enough, letting you import and browse photos, sort them into albums, and share them via email....


cPanel Provides Project with Network Cards

The hosting platform cPanel has provided the openSUSE Project with two new network cards to assist the project with its infrastructure needs. The network cards will soon be integrated into the openSUSE infrastructure to improve the Open Build Service. “On behalf of the openSUSE Project and...


Amazon EC2 C5 Instances Are Now Available in US West (N. California) and Europe (London)

C5 Instances, the next generation of the Amazon EC2 Compute Optimized instances powered by 3.0 GHz Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Skylake), were introduced in November 2017. C5 instances are built using a new light-weight hypervisor, which provides practically all of the compute and memory resources to...


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