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Debian LTS: DLA-1251-1: php5 security update

LinuxSecurity.com: It was discovered that PHP5 was vulnerable to a reflected cross-site scripting (XSS) attack on the PHAR 404 error page by manipulating the URI of a request for a .phar file. This issue is only exploitable if the web server is configu… Continue Reading...


OpenSSL development policy changes

The OpenSSL project has announced a number of changes to how the project is developed. These include shutting down the openssl-dev mailing list in favor of discussing all patches on GitHub and the addition of a new, read-only (for the world) openssl-project list. “We are changing...


Amazon ECS Now Supports Docker 17.09

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) now supports Docker version 17.09.01-ce. The Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Machine Image (AMI) now includes the ECS Agent 1.16.2 as well as Docker version 17.09.01-ce.  Continue Reading — Amazon ECS Now Supports Docker 17.09


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