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Announcing AWS PrivateLink support for Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket now supports AWS PrivateLink, providing private connectivity between Amazon Braket, Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), and on-premises applications. Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that enables researchers and devel… Continue Reading — Announcing AWS PrivateLink support for Amazon Braket


Amazon Braket now supports resource tagging

Amazon Braket, the fully managed quantum computing service, now supports resource tagging, making it easy for you to manage resources effectively as you scale use of the service. Tags are simple labels consisting of a customer-defined key and value tha… Continue Reading — Amazon Braket...


[$] Kernel support for processor undervolting

Overclocking the processor — running it above its specified maximum frequency to increase performance — is a familiar operation for many readers. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to go the other direction and decrease a processor’s operating power point by lowering its voltage to avoid overheating....


Mourning Dan Kohn

The net today carries the sad news that Dan Kohn has passed away. Among other things, Dan played a huge role in the establishment of the Linux Foundation and a number of its initiatives, including the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and LF Pu… Continue Reading...


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