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AWS Marketplace enables vendor-provided cost allocation tags, enhancing visibility into software costs for analysis, allocation, and optimization

Today, AWS Marketplace announced the ability for independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide tags corresponding to the metered usage of their software. Customers can enable the vendor provided tags as cost allocation tags to gain visibility into thi… Continue Reading — AWS Marketplace enables vendor-provided...


AWS Service Catalog now supports StackSet instance operations

AWS Service Catalog now supports Stack Set instance operations. With this new feature, end-users can control the individual instances for their StackSets, within the constraints specified by their AWS Service Catalog administrator. Continue Reading — AWS Service Catalog now supports StackSet instance operations


Stable kernel 5.4.9

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released stable kernel 5.9.4. “This is only a bugfix for the 5.9.3 kernel release which had some problems with some symlinks for the powerpc selftests.” If you did not have any issues with 5.9.3 there is no need to upgrade… Continue Reading...


Amazon CloudWatch launches Metrics Explorer

Amazon CloudWatch launches Metrics Explorer – a tag-based dashboard tool that enables customers to filter, aggregate, and visualize operational health and performance metrics by tags. Metrics Explorer provides customers with a flexible troubleshooting experience, allowing them to build their tag-based application health dashboards, identify correlations, and...


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