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What are the advantages of open source software?

LinuxSecurity.com: Open source software attracts an ever-growing list of advocates. It can save organisations a lot of money while still providing a superior service to that available from proprietary vendors. Continue Reading — What are the advantages of open source software?


Red Hat looks beyond Linux

LinuxSecurity.com: The Red Hat Linux distribution is turning 25 years old this week. What started as one of the earliest Linux distributions is now the most successful open-source company, and its success was a catalyst for others to follow its model. Continue Reading — Red...


The Linux Foundation launches a deep learning foundation

LinuxSecurity.com: Despite its name, the Linux Foundation has long been about more than just Linux. These days, it’s a foundation that provides support to other open source foundations and projects like Cloud Foundry, the Automotive Grade Linux initiat… Continue Reading — The Linux Foundation launches...


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