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Three more stable kernels

The stable kernel train just keeps on rolling; Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the 4.9.94, 4.4.128, and 3.18.105 stable kernels. All contain a large number of fixes throughout the tree and users should upgrade. Continue Reading — Three more stable kernels


[$] The rhashtable documentation I wanted to read

The rhashtable data structure is a generic resizable hash-table implementation in the Linux kernel, which LWN first introduced as “relativistic hash tables” back in 2014. I thought at the time that it might be fun to make use of rhashtables, but didn’t, until an opportunity arose...


On the road to lean infrastructure

On April 24 2008, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron was released. That was a decade ago, when the modern cloud computing era was dawning: Amazon’s EC2 was still in beta, Google had just released the Google App Engine and the word “container” was dominating the plastics...


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