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[$] Zone-lock and mmap_sem scalability

The memory-management subsystem is a central point that handles all of the system’s memory, so it is naturally subject to scalability problems as systems grow larger. Two sessions during the memory-management track of the 2018 Linux Storage, Fi… Continue Reading — [$] Zone-lock and mmap_sem...


An Experiment with Gnocchi – (the Database) – Part 1

Background (Why): Openstack has component: Ceilometer (Telemetry). Ceilometer was huge and its main purpose was to help with the Monitoring and Metering of whole of th OpenStack. But because of the scale at which OpenStack operates, Ceilometer would often fall behind and become a major bottleneck...


SUSE Partners Provide Endpoint and Data Center Security

RSA Conference, a major information security event, wound down almost two weeks ago.  Hotel prices in San Francisco are back below stratosphere levels (at least for now), but the important work of protecting information continues.  At SUSE, security is a never ending process, and we are...


Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables Regional Expansion

Amazon DynamoDB global tables is now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region. With global tables, you can give massively scaled, global applications local access to an Amazon DynamoDB table for fast read and write performance. You can also us… Continue Reading — Amazon DynamoDB...


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