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Debian: DSA-4200-1: kwallet-pam security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Fabian Vogt discovered that incorrect permission handling in the PAM module of the KDE Wallet could allow an unprivileged local user to gain ownership of arbitrary files. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4200-1: kwallet-pam security update


Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The World Today – SUSE Linux Enterprise for High Performance Computing Handles AI Workloads

Robot butlers and flying cars aren’t quite the norm yet, but it’s easy to start dreaming about future innovations when talking about artificial intelligence (AI). The truth is, AI isn’t just a fun topic for discussions about tomorrow—it’s here today, happening all around us, and swiftly...


[$] Autoscaling for Kubernetes workloads

Technologies like containers, clusters, and Kubernetes offer the prospect of rapidly scaling the available computing resources to match variable demands placed on the system. Actually implementing that scaling can be a challenge, though. During… Continue Reading — [$] Autoscaling for Kubernetes workloads


Serious vulnerabilities with OpenPGP and S/MIME

The efail.de site describes a set of vulnerabilities in the implementation of PGP and MIME that can cause the disclosure of encrypted communications, including old messages. “n a nutshell, EFAIL abuses active content of HTML emails, for example… Continue Reading — Serious vulnerabilities with OpenPGP...


Kernel prepatch 4.17-rc5

The 4.17-rc5 kernel prepatch has been released. “So I think we’re in pretty good shape. Please go keep testing, though, to make sure we’re not missing anything.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 4.17-rc5


JTB Corporation Adopts Oracle Cloud for Its International Travel Processing System Infrastructure

Press Release JTB Corporation Adopts Oracle Cloud for Its International Travel Processing System Infrastructure Oracle Cloud at Customer enables public cloud services to be deployed in a customer’s data center, delivering lower TCO, flexible IT resource allocation and security enhancements Redwood Shores, Calif.—May 14, 2018 Oracle...


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