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[$] Killing processes that don’t want to die

Suppose you have a program running on your system that you don’t quite trust. Maybe it’s a program submitted by a student to an automated grading system. Or maybe it’s a QEMU device model running in a Xen control domain (“domain 0” or “dom0”), and you want...


Clear Linux Exploring Support For Windows WSL

LinuxSecurity.com: As potentially a big game changer for those needing performant Linux access from a Windows 10 / Windows Server installation, Intel’s Clear Linux will be exploring support for running on Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Continue Reading — Clear Linux Exploring Support For...


Taking off at OpenStack Summit — Vancouver

We’re just finishing up here at the Vancouver OpenStack Summit – an amazing event this year, returning to an amazing city. The weather even cooperated and we were treated with spectacular views of snow-capped peaks in the distance while float planes entertained us, landing and taking...


The FBI tells everybody to reboot their router

This CERT advisory warns of over 500,000 home routers that have been compromised by the VPNFilter malware and is advising everybody to reboot their routers to (partially) remove it. This Talos Intelligence page has a lot more information about … Continue Reading — The FBI...


Kernel prepatch 4.17-rc7

The 4.17-rc7 kernel prepatch is out; it’s likely the last one for this development cycle. “So this week wasn’t as calm as the previous weeks have been, but despite that I suspect this is the last rc.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 4.17-rc7


Fedora 28: glibc Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: This update ensures that valgrind works again without installing glibc debuginfo packages (RHBZ#1570246). It also addresses a security vulnerability in the `mempcpy` implementation for the Intel Xeon Phi processors (CVE-2018-11237, R… Continue Reading — Fedora 28: glibc Security Update


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