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[$] IR decoding with BPF

In the 4.18 kernel, a new feature was merged to allow infrared (IR) decoding to be done using BPF. Infrared remotes use many different encodings; if a decoder were to be written for each, we would end up with hundreds of decoders in the kernel. … ...


Meet CIMON, an AI Assistant for Astronauts that Runs on Ubuntu

Hey Siri, send apologies to Alexa and commiserations to Cortana because a brand new AI assistant is on the scene — and he’s quite literally out of this world! Meet CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile CompanioN). This free-floating Ubuntu-based cyber colleague has been designed to “mitigate” the stresses of,...


Kernel prepatch 4.18-rc4

The 4.18-rc4 kernel prepatch has been released. “Things look pretty normal here, and size-wise this looks good too, so it’s another of those ‘solid progress to release’ weeks. Boring is good.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 4.18-rc4


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