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Kroah-Hartman: Helping Out With LTS Kernel Releases

Greg Kroah-Hartman has a suggestion for anybody who would like to help him maintain long-term-stable kernel releases. “All I request is that people test the -rc releases when I announce them, and let me know if they work or not for their system… Continue Reading...


Facter 4: back to the roots

Starting with Puppet 7, Facter 4 is the default version of Facter. Facter 4 is written in Ruby and provides many new capabilities. Continue Reading — Facter 4: back to the roots


Solus 4.2 released

Version 4.2 of the desktop-oriented Solus distribution is available. “We recognized that Desktop Icons was an important part of the workflow of many users, so we spent considerable time during this development cycle ensuring there was a solutio… Continue Reading — Solus 4.2 released


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