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Gurunavi Adopts Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for Operational Efficiency

Powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Gurunavi aims to build a stronger, more flexible cloud infrastructure using Linux container technology, and further improve service development capabilities in order to help accelerate the creation of ne… Continue Reading — Gurunavi Adopts Red Hat OpenShift Container...


SuperTuxKart Devs Detail Several Upcoming Improvements

Chances are you’ve heard of SuperTuxKart, the fun racer game featuring Linux mascot Tux and an assortment of his furry FOSS friends. The game is free to download, totally open source, and available to play on all major platforms, even including Android. In a new blog post...


[$] Adding None-aware operators to Python?

A PEP that has been around for a while, without being either accepted or rejected, was reintroduced recently on the python-ideas mailing list. PEP 505 (“None-aware operators”) would provide some syntactic sugar, in the form of new operators, to handle cases where variables might be the...


GNU C Library 2.28 released

Version 2.28 of the GNU C Library is out. Changes include support for Intel’s “Control-flow Enforcement Technology”, Unicode 11.0.0 support, a wrapper for statx(), ISO C threads support, several security fixes, and more. Continue Reading — GNU C Library 2.28 released


[$] The Grumpy Editor’s Python 3 experience

LWN has been running articles for years to the effect that the end of Python 2 is nigh and that code should be ported to Python 3 immediately. So, naturally, one might expect that our own site code, written in Python, had been forwar… Continue Reading —...


The 4.18 kernel release will be delayed a week

For those waiting on the edges of their seats for the release of the 4.18 kernel: it looks like Linus will be pushing it back one week (to August 12) in response to some late-discovered problems. “I _prefer_ just the regular cadence of rel… Continue Reading...


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