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XSS Flaws Most Common Over Past Nine Years

LinuxSecurity.com: The volume of common web-based vulnerabilities found by a leading cybersecurity firm over the past nine years has refused to come down, highlighting a need for greater investment in secure coding practices and awareness. Continue Reading — XSS Flaws Most Common Over Past Nine...


Every Week Is Shark Week in Cyberspace

LinuxSecurity.com: Your odds of being attacked by a shark are zero if you never venture into the ocean – which is far lower than the odds of being cyber hacked even if you never go online. After all, you could still become a victim of identity...


Remote Spectre exploits demonstrated

This paper from four Graz University of Technology researchers [PDF] describes a mechanism they have developed to exploit the Spectre V1 vulnerability over the net, with no local code execution required. “We show that memory access latency, in … Continue Reading — Remote Spectre exploits...


5 Major Improvements Coming in Nautilus 3.30

A number of major improvements are headed to Nautilus, aka Files, aka the file manager at the heart of the GNOME desktop environment. Nautilus 3.30 will feature a redesigned path bar, new toolbar options, and improve support when running on low resolution screens. Prominent GNOME developer...


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