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Fedora 27: libmspack Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: New upstream version 0.7alpha. Fixes CVE-2018-14679 libmspack: off-by-one error in the CHM PMGI/PMGL chunk number validity checks Continue Reading — Fedora 27: libmspack Security Update


NSA Brings Nation-State Details to DEF CON

LinuxSecurity.com: DEF CON 26 – Las Vegas – For a brief time on Friday morning, “Spot the Fed” was the easiest game to play at DEF CON. That’s because the fed was standing on a stage, talking to thousands of attentive hackers and attendees here. ...


[$] The mismatched mount mess

“Mounting” a filesystem is the act of making it available somewhere in the system’s directory hierarchy. But a mount operation doesn’t just glue a device full of files into a specific spot in the tree; there is a whole set of parameters control… Continue Reading...


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