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Tesco Bank Fined ?16m After 2016 Cyber Heist

LinuxSecurity.com: Tesco Bank has been fined ?16.4m by the UK’s financial regulator for deficiencies which allowed hackers to steal millions from its customers in 2016. Continue Reading — Tesco Bank Fined ?16m After 2016 Cyber Heist


Customize Linux Touchpad Gestures with ‘Gestures’ App

If you want to set-up touchpad gestures on Linux, but don’t know how, you should check out the following app. The app is called ‘Gestures’ and is described by its developer as being a “minimal Gtk+ GUI app for libinput-gestures”. Windows and macOS both come with a variety...


Fedora 29: spamassassin Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: Fixed some small bugs in the previous package: Initial rules now have the correct version, sought channel config is dropped (since it doesn’t exist anymore) and build / runtime deps adjusted. —- Update to 3.4.2. Fixes CVE-2017-157… Continue Reading — Fedora 29: spamassassin Security...


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