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Linux version of RansomEXX ransomware discovered>

Security researchers have discovered a Linux version of the human-operated Windows RansomEXX ransomware. This marks the first time that a major Windows ransomware strain has been ported to Linux to aid hackers in their targeted intrusions. Continue Reading — Linux version of RansomEXX ransomware discovered>


Supercharge your compliance practices with SUSE Manager

Many industries and governments require compliance with security standards to ensure security, identity, confidentiality and data integrity. These standards specify a minimum-security level and also mandate measures such as logging and auditing to reveal any hints of unauthorized use. Some of the most widely adopted standards...


Deploying SUSE Manager in the Cloud

Cloud environments grow organically and often include a dizzying combination of virtual, bare metal and container-based systems. If cloud computing is part of your Linux landscape, you’ll save time and money with a single tool for managing all your Linux resources. SUSE® Manager is a versatile...


Mageia 2020-0406: docker security update>

It was discovered that Docker could be made to expose sensitive information when processing URLs in container image manifests. A remote attacker could use this to trick the user and obtain the user’s registry credentials (CVE-2020-15157). Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0406: docker security update>


Portworx and SUSE: a cloud-native storage partnership

Kubernetes changed how we manage our applications and it has done the same for storage data which is growing at a staggering rate, coming from a vast variety of sources. The global software-defined-storage (SDS) is expected to hit $16 billion by 2020. In such a promising...


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