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Linux Admin Quick Reference – Configuration of Syslog and Rsyslog – Redhat Enterprise Linux

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3/4/5, the default system log tool is syslogd which is provided by package sysklogd, but since Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the rsyslogd became the default. rsyslog package is also provided since Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.


What problems will Puppet Solve ?

DevOps: A very popular term now a days in IT industry which includes new revolutionary approach and tools like Jenkins, Travis, Chef, Ansible, Cfengine, Mesos, AWS, OpenStack, Dockers and many many more. Puppet is also one of the most popular tool used in the DevOps approach...


4 Linux Command to Display Selected Parts of File Contents

head command::           Output the first part of files. tail command::             Output the last part of files. split command::           Split a file into pieces. csplit command::          Split a file into context-determined pieces.


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