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Debian LTS: DLA-1570-1: mariadb-10.0 security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Several issues have been discovered in the MariaDB database server. The vulnerabilities are addressed by upgrading MariaDB to the new upstream version 10.0.37. Please see the MariaDB 10.0 Release Notes for further details: Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1570-1: mariadb-10.0 security update


Cloud Foundry Containerization for Kubernetes

I had the opportunity to present a talk on the CF Containerization project with Sandy Cash from IBM at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit Europe. We wanted to give the Cloud Foundry community an update on the work that SUSE and IBM are doing to bring...


What’s New in Ubuntu 18.10

Join Canonical product director Stephan Fabel alongside product managers Joe McManus and Carmine Rimi to discuss all things new in Ubuntu 18.10. The latest software release from Canonical focusses on multi-cloud deployments, AI software development, a new community desktop theme and richer snap desktop integration. This...


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