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Linux Deepin 15.8 Released with Various Neat Improvements

Deepin 15.8, the latest version of the Deepin Linux distribution, is now available to download. Building on its previous (well received) release, Deepin 15.8 adds some polish and refinement, boasts a smaller download size, and makes a number of design tweaks to improve the form and function of...


Official Google Twitter account hacked in Bitcoin scam

LinuxSecurity.com: The epidemic of Twitter-based Bitcoin scams took another twist this week as attackers tweeted scams directly from two verified high-profile accounts. Criminals sent posts from both Google’s G Suite account and Target’s official Twitt… Continue Reading — Official Google Twitter account hacked in Bitcoin...


The Hack Millions of People Are Installing Themselves

LinuxSecurity.com: Your internet browser is a doorway to your computer. Everyday users are installing all manner of browser extensions-small pieces of software that live inside Chrome or Firefox-to optimize their workflow, block ads, or otherwise impro… Continue Reading — The Hack Millions of People Are...


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