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[updates-announce] MGASA-2018-0454: Updated sdl2/mingw-SDL2 packages fix security vulnerabilities

LinuxSecurity.com: This update fixes various security vulnerabilities affecting the SDL2_image library, listed below. The fixes are provided in SDL2_image 2.0.4, which depends on SDL2 2.0.8 or later. As such, the SDL2 and SDL2_mixer libraries are also … Continue Reading — [updates-announce] MGASA-2018-0454: Updated sdl2/mingw-SDL2 packages...


[updates-announce] MGASA-2018-0456: Updated hylafax+ packages fix security vulnerability

LinuxSecurity.com: Luis Merino, Markus Vervier and Eric Sesterhenn discovered that missing input sanitising in the Hylafax fax software could potentially result in the execution of arbitrary code via a malformed fax message (CVE-2018-17141). Continue Reading — [updates-announce] MGASA-2018-0456: Updated hylafax+ packages fix security vulnerability


New HealthEquity Data Breach Exposes PII/PHI of Almost 21,000 Customers

LinuxSecurity.com: HealthEquity, an IRS non-bank health savings trustee who is handling more than 3.4 million health savings accounts, was breached when an intruder accessed the email accounts of two HealthEquity team members, exposing protected health… Continue Reading — New HealthEquity Data Breach Exposes PII/PHI of...


Instagram bug inadvertently exposed some user’s passwords

LinuxSecurity.com: According to The Information, Instagram has suffered a serious security leak of its own that could’ve exposed user’s passwords. While Facebook recently had a much more serious problem linked to its “View As” tool that was being activ… Continue Reading — Instagram bug inadvertently...


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