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Automatic backups for Amazon Elastic File System using AWS Backup is now available in AWS Europe (Milan) and AWS Africa (Cape Town) regions

You can now take automatic backups of your Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems with AWS Backup in AWS Europe (Milan) and AWS Africa (Cape Town) regions, directly using the Amazon EFS console or API. Automatic backups for Amazon EFS fur… Continue Reading...


FreeRTOS now includes IoT and AWS libraries optimized for memory usage and modularity

FreeRTOS version 202011.00 is now available with refactored IoT and AWS libraries: coreMQTT, coreJSON, corePKCS11, and AWS IoT Device Shadow, in addition to the FreeRTOS kernel and FreeRTOS+TCP library. These refactored libraries have been optimized fo… Continue Reading — FreeRTOS now includes IoT and AWS...


[$] KVM for Android

A Google project aims to bring the Linux kernel virtualization mechanism, KVM, to Android systems. Will Deacon leads that effort and he (virtually) came to KVM Forum to discuss the project, its goals, and some of the challenges it has faced. Un… Continue Reading —...


Announcing a new digital curriculum: Break Free of Legacy Databases

This free new digital training curriculum explains how to modernize a legacy, monolithic application by transforming it into a microservices-based application that uses serverless, scalable, and fully managed databases. The two-hour fundamental curricu… Continue Reading — Announcing a new digital curriculum: Break Free of Legacy...


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