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Amazon RDS Enhances Automatic Minor Version Upgrades

Amazon RDS now includes enhancements to the Auto Minor Version Upgrade feature for Amazon RDS database instances. Auto Minor Version Upgrade is a feature that you can enable to have your database automatically upgraded when a new minor database engine … Continue Reading — Amazon...


Firefox 64 released

The Mozilla Blog takes a look at the Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR) in Firefox 64. “Aimed at people who are looking to get more out of their online experience or ways to level up. CFR is a system that proactively recommends Firefox features and add-ons based...


[$] Large files with Git: LFS and git-annex

Git does not handle large files very well. While there is work underway to handle large repositories through the commit graph work, Git’s internal design has remained surprisingly constant throughout its history, which means that storing large f… Continue Reading — [$] Large files with...


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