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[$] Systemd catches up with bind events

The kernel project has a strong focus on not breaking user-space applications; if something works with a given kernel release, it should continue to work with subsequent releases. So it may be discouraging to read the lengthy exposition on an a… Continue Reading — [$]...


Amazon QuickSight now supports Column Level Security, Column Descriptions, and a new Oracle Connector

Amazon QuickSight has added a powerful new data governance feature: Column Level Security (CLS). This feature compliments the existing Row Level Security (RLS) feature and, in combination, gives authors control over who can access what data within thei… Continue Reading — Amazon QuickSight now supports...


Announcing Amazon Lightsail Containers, an easy way to run containerized applications on the cloud

Amazon Lightsail now provides you with the ability to run containerized workloads on the cloud with little-to-no prior cloud experience. With this native service, called Lightsail Containers, you can now deploy containerized applications to the cloud using the Docker images directly from your desktop or from...


Why Linux Should Factor Into Your Security Strategy>

Linux is a pervasive operating system ”and for good reason. It’s lightweight, flexible, multi-architecture supportive and open source, all leading to loads of opportunity. Security is one of the main reasons Linux is chosen. In some ways, it can be a … Continue Reading —...


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