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Announcing new AWS Wavelength Zone in Osaka, Japan

Today, we are announcing the availability of a new AWS Wavelength Zone on KDDI’s 5G network in Osaka. Wavelength Zones are now available in 2 locations in Japan, including the previously announced Wavelength Zone in Tokyo. Continue Reading — Announcing new AWS Wavelength Zone in...


Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Released, Powered By Linux 5.8

It’s here folks: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS is now available to download. This is the second point release in the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS series. It rolls together all of the software updates, security patches, and bug fixes issued to the […] This post, Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Released, Powered By Linux 5.8...


[$] ioctl() for io_uring

Of all the system calls in the Unix tradition, few are as maligned as ioctl(). But ioctl() exists for a reason — for many reasons, in truth — and cannot be expected to go away anytime soon. It is thus unsurprising that there is interest in...


AWS Lambda now supports Node.js 14

You can now author AWS Lambda functions in Node.js 14 and use its new features, such as top-level-await, enhanced diagnostics, modifications of the streams APIs, and a revised JavaScript engine for better performance. Lambda functions written in Node.j… Continue Reading — AWS Lambda now supports...


[$] Avoiding “supercookie” tracking

The release of Firefox 85 at the end of January brought a new technique for thwarting yet-another web-tracking scheme. The use of browser cookies for tracking is well-established and the browser makers have taken steps to block the worst a… Continue Reading — [$] Avoiding “supercookie”...


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