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Quickly deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack with SUSE 

If you’ve tried to deploy a Kubernetes test cluster or a full-blown production environment, you know how trying it can be. Rather than poke around in the dark, you can get started with a SUSE integrated solution that can get you off the ground quickly, give you confidence...


The Cost of a Do-It-Yourself Transformation

We live in a world where instructions abound on everything from a house remodel to a business transformation.  With YouTube videos, online classes, and the impervious Google search, it’s tempting to take on these d0-it-yourself (DIY) projects – all with the goal of saving ourselves or...


Ingress Controllers: Getting In and Getting It Right

The SUSE CaaS Platform team recently released a new feature that is available to all subscribers using version 3: an ingress controller. It is a valuable part of Kubernetes networking, especially as clusters grow in terms of node count and especially application count. From Outside In...


The GNU C Library version 2.29 is now available

Version 2.29 of the GNU C library (glibc) is now available. It includes a wrapper for the getcpu() system call, optimized generic versions of multiple math functions (e.g. exp(), log2(), sinf()), new functions to allow posix_spawn() to run the … Continue Reading — The GNU...


February 7th: The SUSE Academic Program partners with GroupLink and the Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) on academic webinar

Join us for a 20-Minute Webinar SUSE, GroupLink, and the Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) present their tools for Academic Technology Teams. Join us at 10am EST (15:00 UTC) to learn about the FREE tools and resources these partners offer to educational organizations. What’s on the agenda: Overview...


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