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Containerized desktop applications with podman

Everybody is talking about containers these days, however most of the discussion revolves around use cases in the context of server applications. Today I’d like to discuss a maybe slightly unusual, but nonetheless interesting use case for containers: running Linux desktop applications within a container with...


Black is Back: GNOME Shell Ditches Translucent Top Panel

GNOME developers have removed the translucent top bar effect from the GNOME Shell theme’s code, citing unaddressed issues with panel text legibility. This post, Black is Back: GNOME Shell Ditches Translucent Top Panel, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue Reading...


The SUSECON 2019 Session Catalog is Now Live!

The SUSECON 2019 session catalog is now available and there’s so much content to choose from! Time to Choose Your Kind of Open   With over 150 sessions and 12 certification exams to choose from, create your own experience, learn about the topics most important to you, and...


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