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Git v2.21.0

Git v2.21.0 has been released. “It is comprised of 500 non-merge commits since v2.20.0, contributed by 74 people, 20 of which are new faces.” The release notes are included in the announcement. Continue Reading — Git v2.21.0


GCC 8.3 Released

Version 8.3 of the GNU Compiler Collection has been released. “GCC 8.3 is a bug-fix release from the GCC 8 branch containing important fixes for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 8.2 with more than 153 bugs fixed since the previous release.” … Continue Reading...


Kernel prepatch 5.0-rc8

Anybody expecting the 5.0 kernel to come out today will have been disappointed; Linus released 5.0-rc8 instead. “This may be totally unnecessary, but we actually had more patches come in this last week than we had for rc7, which just didn’t mak… Continue Reading —...


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