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AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Server Migration Service now offers support for importing and migrating applications discovered by AWS Migration Hub. This new feature allows you to quickly migrate applications identified during discovery phase, eliminating the need to recreate gr… Continue Reading — AWS Server Migration Service


Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Now Supports On-Premises Access to File Systems and Supports Access Across AWS VPCs, Accounts, and Regions

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a service that provides fully-managed native Microsoft Windows file systems, now allows you to access your file systems from on-premises via an AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN connection. Additionally, it now allows yo… Continue Reading — Amazon FSx...


[$] Containers as kernel objects — again

Linus Torvalds once famously said that there is no design behind the Linux kernel. That may be true, but there are still some guiding principles behind the evolution of the kernel; one of those, to date, has been that the kernel does not recogn… Continue...


Leap 15.1 Beta Pizza Party

Hunt for bugs & have a lot of fun! The release manager for openSUSE Leap announced that Leap 15.1 entered its Beta phase this week and that means it’s time for a Beta Pizza Party. Yeah!. Leap’s Beta phase is a rolling beta until it’s official...


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