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Announcing the release of sway 1.0

Drew DeVault has announced the first stable release of sway, an i3-compatible Wayland desktop for Linux and FreeBSD. “Sway 1.0 adds a huge variety of features which were sorely missed on 0.x, improves performance in every respect, offers a more … Continue Reading — Announcing...


Introducing Season of Docs

Google Open Source has announced Season of Docs. “During Season of Docs, technical writers will spend a few months working closely with open source communities. Each writer works with their chosen open source project. The writers bring their expertise to the projects’ documentation while at the...


SPI annual report

Software in the Public Interest has released its annual report [PDF] for 2018. “During the current board term SPI continues to strive for self-improvement and renewal. Treasury teamsprints, bank visits, and legal consultations during in-person … Continue Reading — SPI annual report


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