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KNOPPIX 8.5.0 released

Remember the KNOPPIX distribution? KNOPPIX 8.5.0 has been released. It includes a 4.20 kernel, several desktop environments, the ADRIANE audio desktop, UEFI secure boot support, and more. Continue Reading — KNOPPIX 8.5.0 released


Checking AIX Spectre / Meltdown Settings

To get protection from the Spectre / Meltdown security issues you need a few items in place: 1) A systems firmware level that supports the protection All POWER9 systems firmware has this builtin You may need to upgrade your POWER7 or  POWER8 firmware to a… Continue Reading —...


[$] Federated blogging with WriteFreely

Your editor has never been a prolific blogger; a hard day in the LWN salt mines tends to reduce the desire to write more material for the net in the scarce free time that remains. But, still, sometimes the desire to post something that is not...


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