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[$] Building header files into the kernel

Kernel developers learn, one way or another, to be careful about memory use; any memory taken by the kernel is not available for use by the actual applications that people keep the computer around to run. So it is unsurprising that eyebrows wen… Continue Reading...


Hit the Cloud Running With Chef InSpec Profiles

Following on from the recent announcement that Chef has achieved CIS certification across AWS, Azure and GCP let’s take a deeper look at how to get started with Chef InSpec on these cloud providers.  Starting with InSpec v3.7.7 there is profile generation support for AWS, Azure,...


SUSE and Redis Labs: the story of a two-way partnership

Because the aim of Redislabs and SUSE is to build a strategic partnership over the years, it made sense that we would sponsor their annual conference, RedisConf, and that they would sponsor our own annual conference SUSECON. Despite the two conferences being held the same week,...


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