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A Syllabus to SUSE CaaS Platform at SUSECON

NASHVILLE, BABY!!! That’s right, I’m hitting my old college stomping grounds for SUSECON!! Returning to Nashville brings me memories of housing Ben and Jerry’s Stephen Colbert Americone Dream from the Piggly Wiggly after learning that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded away from the Celtics,...


[$] Improving the performance of the BFQ I/O scheduler

BFQ is a proportional-share I/O scheduler available for block devices since the 4.12 kernel release. It associates each process or group of processes with a weight, and grants a fraction of the available I/O bandwidth proportional to that weight. BFQ also tries to maximize system responsiveness...


Linux Foundation Welcomes LVFS Project (Linux.com)

Linux.com interviews Richard Hughes about the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS), which has recently joined the Linux Foundation as a new project. Hughes is the founder and maintainer of the project. “The short-term goal was to get 95% of updatable consumer hardware supported. With the recent...


Six First Impressions of SUSE Cloud Application Platform

While I’ve been developing for Kubernetes for a few years now, I am pretty new to both SUSE and Cloud Foundry. I’ve got to say that both have been great experiences! SUSE is a fantastic place to work and our Cloud Foundry distribution (SUSE Cloud Application Platform) makes my development life easier.  ...


Mageia 2019-0122: pdns security update

Updated pdns packages fix security vulnerability: An issue has been found in PowerDNS Authoritative Server when the HTTP remote backend is used in RESTful mode (without post=1 set), allowing a remote user to cause the HTTP backend to connect to an att… Continue Reading —...


Mageia 2019-0121: live, mplayer, vlc security update

The updated live, mplayer, vlc packages fix security vulnerabilities: liblivemedia in Live555 before 2019.02.03 mishandles the termination of an RTSP stream after RTP/RTCP-over-RTSP has been set up, which could lead to a Use-After-Free error that caus… Continue Reading — Mageia 2019-0121: live, mplayer, vlc security...


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