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SUSE Cloud Application Platform v1.4 released

We’re happy to announce upcoming release of SUSE Cloud Application Platform 1.4, which will include some important new capabilities that we’ll be showing off this week at SUSECON and Cloud Foundry Summit. This release continues SUSE’s work to combine Cloud Foundry’s simple deployment model with the...


[$] Some slow progress on get_user_pages()

One of the surest signs that the Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management (LSFMM) Summit is approaching is the seasonal migration of memory-management developers toward the get_user_pages() problem. This core kernel primitive is necessary for high-performance I/O to user-space memory, but its interactions with filesystems have never...


Debian LTS: DLA-1747-1: firmware-nonfree security update

Eli Biham and Lior Neumann discovered a cryptographic weakness in the Bluetooth LE SC pairing protocol, called the Fixed Coordinate Invalid Curve Attack (CVE-2018-5383). Depending on the devices used, this could be exploited by a nearby attacker to obt… Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1747-1:...


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