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Fedora 29: checkstyle Security Update

This update fixes security vulnerability – Checkstyle loads external DTDs by default. Upstream issue: https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle/issues/6474 https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle/issues/6478 References: https://checkstyle.org/releaseno… Continue Reading — Fedora 29: checkstyle Security Update


What’s For Me at ChefConf 2019: Community!

Oh man. What a week at Chef! Hopefully, you’ve seen our announcements about open sourcing our projects and changing our business model. We’ve been working on that for a while, and it’s been great to finally get to share it with you and start engaging open-source...


Amazon MQ now supports ActiveMQ Minor Version 5.15.9

You can now launch Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.9 brokers on Amazon MQ. This minor update to ActiveMQ contains several fixes and new features compared to the previously supported version, ActiveMQ 5.15.8. Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apac… Continue Reading — Amazon MQ...


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