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Debian: DSA-4800-1: libproxy security update>

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in libproxy, an automatic proxy configuration management library, which could result in denial of service, or possibly, execution of arbitrary code. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4800-1: libproxy security update>


Debian: DSA-4799-1: x11vnc security update>

Guenal Davalan reported a flaw in x11vnc, a VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session. x11vnc creates shared memory segments with 0777 mode. A local attacker can take advantage of this flaw for information disclosure, denial of service… Continue Reading —...


Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer announces CodeQuality Detector to help manage technical debt and codebase maintainability

Today, we are excited to announce additional capabilities with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. You can now use CodeQuality Detector to identify smells early, balance between speed and technical debt, and coordinate software development and maintenance effici… Continue Reading — Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer announces CodeQuality Detector to...


The Amazon Chime SDK now supports messaging

The Amazon Chime SDK makes it easier for developers to add add VoIP audio, PSTN audio, video, and content sharing to their applications. Starting today, the Amazon Chime SDK also enables developers to connect communities of users with secure, scalable,… Continue Reading — The Amazon...


AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar integrates with Amazon EventBridge to enable automated actions based on calendar state changes

Change Calendar, a capability of Systems Manager, now publishes an event to Amazon EventBridge when it changes state from open to closed and vice versa. You can use the published state change event to automatically start actions such as disabling promo… Continue Reading — AWS...


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