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Fedora 33: webkit2gtk3 2020-145877bcd3>

Update to WebKitGTK 2.30.3: * Fix backdrop filters with rounded borders. * Fix scrolling iframes when async scrolling is enabled. * Allow applications to handle drag and drop on the web view again. * Update Outlook user agent quirk. * Fix several crash… Continue Reading...


Fedora 32: microcode_ctl 2020-1afbe7ba2d>

– Update to upstream 2.1-31. 20201118 – Removal of 06-8c-01/0x80 (TGL-UP3/UP4 B1) microcode at revision 0x68[1]; – Update of 06-7a-01/0x01 (GLK B0) microcode from revision 0x32 up to 0x34[2]. [1] The microcode has been removed after reports of system h… Continue Reading — Fedora 32:...


Debian: DSA-4800-1: libproxy security update>

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in libproxy, an automatic proxy configuration management library, which could result in denial of service, or possibly, execution of arbitrary code. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4800-1: libproxy security update>


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