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[$] Containers and address space separation

James Bottomley began his talk at the 2019 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit (LSFMM) by noting that the main opposition to his ideas was not present at the summit, which was likely to mean the ideas got a much easier recept… Continue Reading —...


[$] Android memory management

The Android system is designed to provide a responsive user experience on systems that, in a relative sense at least, have limited amounts of CPU and memory. Doing so requires a number of techniques, including regular use of a low-memory proce… Continue Reading — [$]...


[$] Memory encryption issues

“People think that memory encryption sounds really cool; it will make my system more secure so I want it”. At least, that is how Dave Hansen characterized the situation at the beginning of a session on the topic during the memory-management track at the 2019 Linux...


[$] Toward a reverse splice()

The splice() system call is, at its core, a write operation; it attempts to implement zero-copy I/O by moving pages from a pipe to a file. At the 2019 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit, Miklos Szeredi described a nascent idea for rsplice() — a “reverse...


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