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Bison 3.4 released

Version 3.4 of the Bison parser generator is out. “A particular focus was put on improving the diagnostics, which are now colored by default, and accurate with multibyte input. Their format was also changed, and is now similar to GCC 9’s diagn… Continue Reading —...


[$] The rest of the 5.2 merge window

By the time Linus Torvalds released the 5.2-rc1 kernel prepatch and closed the merge window for this development cycle, 12,064 non-merge changesets had been pulled into the mainline repository — about 3,700 since our summary of the first “half” was written. Thus, as predicted, the rate...


South Korea’s Government is Switching to Linux

South Korea wants to switch government computers to Linux based software, ditching Windows in the process. The country’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety reckon that migrating away from Microsoft Windows will lower costs and […] This post, South Korea’s Government is Switching to Linux, was...


Bluetooth’s Complexity Has Become a Security Risk (Wired)

Wired looks at the security issues stemming from the complexity of the Bluetooth standard. “Bluetooth has certainly been investigated to a degree, but researchers say that the lack of intense scrutiny historically stems again from just how invo… Continue Reading — Bluetooth’s Complexity Has Become...


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