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Insync 3 Beta Release Brings OneDrive Sync to Linux

Users can sync OneDrive files on Linux using a beta build of third-party cloud storage sync client Insync, which is available for free during testing. This post, Insync 3 Beta Release Brings OneDrive Sync to Linux, was written by Joey Sneddon and first… Continue Reading...


Fedora 30: mod_http2 Security Update

Code cleanups and Simplifications: * in stream instance and main connection output handling for a common strategy in h2/h2c versions of the protocol. Stream instances are kept in one place which will make future optimizations in state handling easier. … Continue Reading — Fedora 30:...


Debian LTS: DLA-1804-1: curl security update

cURL, an URL transfer library, contains a heap buffer overflow in the function tftp_receive_packet() that receives data from a TFTP server. It calls recvfrom() with the default size for the buffer rather than with the size that was used to allocate it…. Continue Reading —...


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