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The SAP Technical Architect as a Super Hero

I’ve always been a fan of the action movie genre and, more recently, the series of movies about heroes in the comic books I enjoyed when I was a kid. For me, back then, it was all about each character’s special powers. I just wanted to...


Amazon Connect Adds Additional Telephony Metadata

You can now use telephony metadata from phone calls to obtain additional information about the source of the caller. Today, a caller can hide or mask the identity of their phone number by pressing special codes such *67 before dialing a contact center…. Continue Reading...


[$] A way to do atomic writes

<p> Finding a way for applications to do atomic writes to files, so that either the old or new data is present after a crash and not a combination of the two, was the topic of a session led by Christoph Hellwig at the 2019 Linux...


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