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Announcing Three New Digital Courses for AWS Snowcone

We are excited to introduce three free digital courses to help you learn how to order, configure, deploy, manage, and return AWS Snowcone edge computing and storage devices. Designed for storage engineers, cloud architects, and migration engineers, the… Continue Reading — Announcing Three New Digital...


[$] Python structural pattern matching morphs again

A way to specify multiply branched conditionals in the Python language—akin to the C switch statement—has been a longtime feature request. Over the years, various proposals have been mooted, but none has ever crossed the finish line and made it into the language. A highly ambitious...


AWS Managed Services (AMS) supports AWS Outposts

AWS Managed Services (AMS) can now operate AWS workloads hosted on AWS Outposts in your datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises environment. You can accelerate your migration to the cloud with AMS managed IT services for AWS Outposts hosted resou… Continue Reading — AWS Managed Services...


Certificates from Let’s Encrypt (R3 active)

Let’s Encrypt has announced that, as of today, the TLS certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority are using a new intermediate certificate. “While LE will start using their new _roots_ next year, the change today is using a _… Continue Reading — Certificates...


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