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Amazon API Gateway Now Supports VPC Endpoint Policies

Amazon API Gateway now allows you to define VPC Endpoint policies, enabling you to specify which Private APIs a VPC Endpoint can connect to. Using VPC Endpoint policies, you can achieve more fine-grained security control.   Continue Reading — Amazon API Gateway Now Supports VPC...


AWS DataSync is now SOC compliant

You can now use AWS DataSync for workloads that are subject to Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance. DataSync is an online data transfer service that simplifies, automates, and accelerates copying data between NFS file servers, Amazon S3 bucke… Continue Reading — AWS DataSync is now...


[$] Fun with LEDs and CircuitPython

Nina Zakharenko has been programming for a long time; when she was young she thought that “the idea that I could trick computers into doing what I tell them was pretty awesome”. But as she joined the workforce, her opportunities for “creative coding” faded away; she...


LibreOffice 6.3 Drops 32-bit Linux Builds

The LibreOffice 6.3 beta is out, but it brings some bad news for 32-bit Linux desktop users. The free office suite is dropping 32-bit support for Linux. This post, LibreOffice 6.3 Drops 32-bit Linux Builds, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeare… Continue Reading...


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