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Mageia 2019-0185: kernel security update

This kernel update provides the upstream 4.14.121. It adds additional fixes to the the kernel side mitigations for the Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS, also called ZombieLoad attack) vulnerabilities. It also fixes the following security issues: Continue Reading — Mageia 2019-0185: kernel security update


Volkswagen Group Research Works with Altair and Uses Nvidia Technology on AWS to Accelerate Aerodynamics Concept Design

Many traditional simulations take too long to complete and weaken a car manufacturer’s ability to successfully engineer for optimal aerodynamic performance and flow physics while also designing for style. To address this challenge, Volkswagen Group Research decided to explore new computational technologies to shorten its simulation...


New Quick Start deploys AWS Cloud9 cloud-based IDE

This Quick Start automatically deploys the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud9 integrated development environment (IDE) in the AWS Cloud in about 30 minutes. This Quick Start is for organizations that want to provide developers with a flexible and powerfu… Continue Reading — New Quick Start...


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