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Using Eclipse as an IDE for SUSE Cloud Application Platform

At the recent SUSECON conference in Nashville, RahulKrishna Gupta from SUSE demonstrated how to integrate the Eclipse IDE with SUSE Cloud Application Platform, showing how to easily develop, test, and deploy applications to the platform directly from Eclipse. SUSE has posted all recorded talks from SUSECON...


AWS Glue now provides an VPC interface endpoint

Starting today, you can now connect directly to AWS Glue through an interface endpoint in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instead of connecting over the internet. When you use a VPC interface endpoint, communication between your VPC and AWS Glue is co… Continue Reading —...


CockroachDB relicensed

The CockroachDB database management system has been relicensed; the new license is non-free. “CockroachDB users can scale CockroachDB to any number of nodes. They can use CockroachDB or embed it in their applications (whether they ship those ap… Continue Reading — CockroachDB relicensed


Firefox adds tracking protection by default

The Mozilla blog announces a new Firefox feature: “One of those initiatives outlined was to block cookies from known third party trackers in Firefox. Today, Firefox will be rolling out this feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection, to all new users on by default, to make it harder...


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