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Amazon EC2 announces Host Recovery

Host Recovery for Amazon EC2 automatically restarts your instances on a new host in the event of an unexpected hardware failure on a Dedicated Host. Host Recovery reduces the need for manual intervention, minimizing time for recovery and lowering opera… Continue Reading — Amazon EC2...


[$] Seeking consensus on dh

Debian takes an almost completely “hands off” approach to the decisions that Debian developers (DDs) can make in regard to the packaging and maintenance of their packages. That leads to maximal freedom for DDs, but impacts the project in oth… Continue Reading — [$] Seeking...


The University of Maine: High-Performance Computing, Climate Change Research, and Ocean Modeling created a Whale of an appetite when it comes to data. SUSE Enterprise Storage satisfied that appetite!

With research projects like climate change research and ocean modeling, the university’s high-performance computing center is generating data like a Whale eating Krill.  And that’s a whole lot considering a Blue Whale will consume some 40 million Krill, or about 8000 pounds daily.  The University of Maine is...


Amazon Pinpoint now includes support for AWS CloudFormation

You can now use AWS CloudFormation templates to specify Amazon Pinpoint resources. This improvement enables you to use CloudFormation to deploy Amazon Pinpoint resources—along with the rest of your AWS infrastructure—in a secure, efficient, and repeatable way. You can use CloudFormation templates to specify Amazon Pinpoint...


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