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[$] More frequent Python releases?

Python has followed an 18-month release cycle for many years now; each new 3.x release comes at that frequency. It has worked well, overall, but there is interest in having a shorter cycle, which would mean that new features get into users… Continue Reading — [$]...


Linux Mint Vs Windows 10 Speed Test [Infographic]

Is Linux Mint faster than Windows 10 when run on the same laptop, launching the same apps? Check out the results of these speed tests to find out! This post, Linux Mint Vs Windows 10 Speed Test [Infographic], was written by Joey Sneddon and first appea… ...


How to start and progress with an AI program

Whether you’re exploring what AI can do for your business and how to get started; have developed machine learning models you’re looking to deploy in production at scale; want to optimise your models for performance, audit your neural network for adversarial attacks or orchestrate your data...


Kali Linux Roadmap (2019/2020)

Now that our 2019.2 release is out, we thought we would take this opportunity to cover some of the changes and new features we have coming to Kali Linux in the following year. Normally, we only really announce things when they are ready to go public,...


Power Systems: a safe choice for the future

Being Edited – come back later   I was recently invited to present in Oslo, Norway on this topic to not a very technical audience. Which was outside my regular comfort zone. Others were covering IBM, Storage, HPC and client experience (the S922 servers were… ...


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