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A Quick Look at GNOME Shell 3.34 Theme Improvements

The default GNOME Shell theme has been given a raft of improvements. GNOME’s design team has worked on bringing the shell theme back in sync with the default Adwaita GTK theme, which was dramatically revamped […] This post, A Quick Look at GNOME Shell 3.34 Theme...


[$] C, Fortran, and single-character strings

The calling interfaces between programming languages are, by their nature, ripe for misunderstandings; different languages can have subtly different ideas of how data should be passed around. Such misunderstandings often have the effect of maki… Continue Reading — [$] C, Fortran, and single-character strings


Kubernetes 1.15 released

The Kubernetes container orchestrator team has announced the release of Kubernetes 1.15; the main themes of this release are “extensibility and continuous improvement”. One of the focus areas was on usability and lifecycle stability for cluste… Continue Reading — Kubernetes 1.15 released


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